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[Solved] The vehicle speed problem of dynamic scenes

(@hanzhi Dong)
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Dear Mr. or Ms.:

Thank you very much for opening the DeepMIMO dataset. Recently, I have been working on the channel of dynamic scenarios, so I have noticed the dynamic scenarios of DeepMIMO dataset. But in the course of my use, I have some questions about dynamic scenes:

1.What is the speed of the vehicle in the dynamic scene?

2.Can the speed of the vehicle in the dynamic scene be set by itself?

3.Can you add Doppler in dynamic scenarios?

Thank you very much for your answer. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi @hanzhi Dong

For your questions:
1. We do not have this information readily available, however, you can easily calculate the instantaneous speed from the positions in the consecutive scenes. For this, please find the positions of the vehicles attached.
2. No, the speed is determined by the scenario. To detail, in the scenario generation, the vehicle positions at each scene (time sample) are pre-determined based on the speed. Then, the channels are computed for these positions of the vehicles and provided as the scenario data.
3. We are planning to add new dynamic scenarios with the Doppler information.

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