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[Solved] Channel Generation with 1 OFDM sub-carrier

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I am trying to generate the channel data with only 1 OFDM sub-carrier but when I use the generation script with the following parameters :

# Load the default parameters
parameters = DeepMIMO.default_params()

parameters = { 'dataset_folder': 'Scenarios',
'scenario': 'O1_28',
'dynamic_settings': {'first_scene': 1, 'last_scene': 1},
'num_paths': 1,
'active_BS': np.array([1]),
'user_row_first': 800,
'user_row_last': 1200,
'row_subsampling': 1,
'user_subsampling': 1,
'bs_antenna': {'shape': np.array([1, 64,1]),
'spacing': 0.5,
'radiation_pattern': 'isotropic'
'ue_antenna': {'shape': np.array([1, 1, 1]),
'spacing': 0.5,
'radiation_pattern': 'isotropic'
'enable_BS2BS': 0,
'OFDM_channels': 1,
'OFDM': {'subcarriers': 1,
'subcarriers_limit': 1,
'subcarriers_sampling': 1,
'bandwidth': 0.2,
'RX_filter': 0,
# Generate data
dataset = DeepMIMO.generate_data(parameters)
With these parameters the script generates 72581 user channels, but all are clipped the error/warning I get is: "ToA of some paths of 72581 channels with an average total power of 100.00% exceed the useful OFDM symbol duration and are clipped."
Please advise how can I generate channel data that is not 0 with only 1 OFDM subcarrier.
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Hi @Saharsh,

You are trying to generate a single subcarrier channel with 200MHz bandwidth, which triggers the clipping to prevent inter-symbol interference (ISI is not supported by the DeepMIMO). For your objective, you may

  • select a lower bandwidth (e.g., 30kHz), or
  • generate a large number of OFDM subcarriers (e.g., 512), and only sample the first subcarrier as you did in your code.


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