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Cannot open the datafile

(@Krittin Chaowakarn)
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In DeepMIMOv2, I have been trying to open the datafiles - O1_28 and O1_3p5 - by using dataPrep.m function, as seen below.


function [dataset,options] = dataPrep(fileName,options)
% dataPrep is data preparing function.
% fileName: a single-field data struct with data
% file paths.
% options: a MATLAB structure with the experiment settings
% dataset: dataset structure for training and validataion data
% options: updated options structure
len = length(fileName);
d = {};
loc = {};
labels = {};
for i = 1:len % Normalize data
        x =;
        loc(i) = {rawData.userLoc};
        if strcmp(, 'NLOS' )
                labels(i) = {rawData.labels};
        d(i) = {x};
end = d;
dataset.userLoc = loc;
dataset.labels = labels;
clear d loc labels
Also, the dataPrep.m function is used in the main.m file in this part.
% Prepare dataset:
% ----------------
options.transPower = tx_power(p);options
fileName = struct('name',{options.dataFile1,...
[dataset,options] = dataPrep(fileName, options);% dataset is a 1x2 structure array
options.dataFile1 is O1_28
options.dataFile2 is O1_3p5
I got this error from running the main.m file

Error using load
Unable to read file 'O1_28'. Input cannot be a directory.

Error in dataPrep (line 18)

Error in main (line 94)
[dataset,options] = dataPrep(fileName, options);% dataset is a 1x2 structure array

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Krittin Chaowakarn,


As mentioned in the repository as the first step, you first need to generate these datasets and save them as a ".mat file". I think you may have missed this step.





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