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[Solved] Regarding distribution of generated channels

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Hi all,

I was wondering regarding the distribution that the generated channels (say between BS(s) and UEs) follow? Is it Rayleigh or Nakagami-m or some other fading channel?

Any inputs would be appreciated!

Thank you.


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The generated DeepMIMO channels are geometric channels, not statistical channels. These channels are not generated based on a statistical distribution. The DeepMIMO channels are generated based on the ray-tracing of the channel paths between the transmitter and the receiver in a certain environment (scenario) with a certain geometry. The ray-tracing software used is Remcom Wireless InSite

The generated DeepMIMO channels can then capture the environment-dependent characteristics, which would be hard to capture using statistical channel models. Most of the proposed mmWave and massive MIMO applications for machine learning relied on these environment-dependent channel characteristics to do their functions. To better understand our motivation for DeepMIMO, please refer to Section II in the DeepMIMO paper.

For more information on how the geometric DeepMIMO channels are generated, please refer to the channel generation report at the end of this webpage.
Thank you for your question.


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