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[Solved] CDL_channel = construct_DeepMIMO_CDL_channel(txSize, txOrientation, rxSize, rxOrientation, dataset_params, channel_path_parameters); Not enough input arguments. Error in construct_DeepMIMO_CDL_channel (line 10) fc = params.carrier_freq; ...

(@Najiullah HAKIM)
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Hi , I am want to display the 5G NR CDL channel using your given code. I have a matlab version of 2022b , I have refreshed your code but it gives error while displaying CDL channel.its says not enough input arguments .When I changed the number of arguments then it give error of

(Error in construct_DeepMIMO_CDL_channel (line 10)
fc = params.carrier_freq; % carrier frequency (Hz)) 

of this type.

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Hi @Najiullah HAKIM

The 5G NR version works with 2022b and I'm not able to reproduce this error. Can you please download the latest version of the generator code and the scenario files and try again?


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