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[Solved] Question about parameter CDL_5G.num_slots

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Why the channel matrixes of different users with same CDL_5G.num_slots have different dimensions?  I want to generate channel matrixes with 40 time slots in scenario O2_dyn_3p5, As mentioned in website, the first dimension of the matrix should be 40*14=560. However, the first dimensions of user2 and user3 are both 546, which means one time slot has missed. Could you please tell me the reason?


>> size(DeepMIMO_dataset{1}{1}.user{1}.channel)

ans =

560 1 64 12

>> size(DeepMIMO_dataset{1}{1}.user{2}.channel)

ans =

546 1 64 12

>> size(DeepMIMO_dataset{1}{1}.user{3}.channel)

ans =

546 1 64 12

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Hi @kaiyi,






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